Dessalator Water Maker Issues & New Photos

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

15 Feb 2006

Hi all:

I just completed installation of new FilmTec SW30-2540 membranes ($177.00 each from
Air, Water, and Ice, Inc.) in my water maker. Not a difficult job one accomplished. Hardest
part was getting the end caps off. I have detailed the process in some Photos that I just
uploaded. My end caps were all ok, the O-rings were all ok, there was some moderate
corrosion of the stainless interconnect thimble, and a defect in the brine seal of one of the
membranes. However, I believe the failure mode was the membrane material themselves.

Output is good, my new Omega EC monitor (220 volt wired to the desalinator breaker) is
working great. The Dessalator salinity sensor does not work at all despite testing it three
ways from Sunday with various scenarios. I am still trying to get some answers from Rod
Boreham and Dessalator. I have spent a couple of hours on the phone with Rod and a
couple of calls to Dessalator plus about 20 emails back and forth. I will let you all know
more when I know more.

In the mean time, I would not run my Dessalator watermaker without backup continuous
monitoring of the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) or EC (Electrical Conductivity). Until we
know more there is just no guarantee that the Dessalator sensor will divert bad quality
water during an operational cycle, thus filling your fresh water tank with salt water.

Regards, Gary Silver, s/v Liahona SM 2000 Hull # 335

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