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David Wallace


Craig's advice is spot on, we follow the same approach. I use a relatively inexpensive (~$80) magnifying loupe to inspect the fittings -- you need somehting like that to be able to see a very small crack that might form, but don't need anything else. Last year I found one lower swage fitting with that type of crack and replaced that piece of rigging, but the rest was fine. Our rigging is 18 years old so I will probably replace the rest before we take off cruising again, but the rigger who inspected our boat two years ago did not advocate replacing the rigging just based on a timeline.

Dave Wallace
s/v Air Ops -- Maramu -- 1982

From: "Craig & Katherine" <>
Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Rigging on an Amel Santorin
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 02:59:54 -0000

Robin's repy points out quite clearly the "mysticism" of rigging
lifespan. Too many factors impinge - many years in the tropics - bad;
many heavy weather sails - bad; a berth with a "jerky" chop - bad; and
so on. So the insurance companies, as Robin suggests, sometimes step in
with their own arbitrary criteria - no doubt very conservative. Or,
for "peace of mind", as Robin says, we replace it anyway.

My take is to inspect your rigging yourself every year - you'll spot
any swage cracks or other problems quite easily and can take the
appropriate action. You're always vulernable to what the product
reliability folks call "infant mortality", where the brand new fitting
fails, but that's quite unlikely (I used to calculate that stuff!).

Before our transatlantic in 2004 I inspected our 1992 rigging and found
it to be perfect. The "admiral" (my wife, Katherine) wanted a "second
opinion" so we hired a well respected rigger to take a second look - a
reasonably priced safety check - and he agreed it was fine. So 14 years
works for us - I suspect we'll easily go 20.

BUT - you're on your own on this one - there's no "magic" number.

Best regards,
Craig and Katherine Briggs
s/v Sangaris - Santorin #68 - 1992

--- In, Robin Cooter <robincooter@...>

Frankly I would talk to your insurance company - some will not cover
rigging failure after 10 years unless it has been tested, others don't
mind. For peace of mind we replaced ours after 14 years and it really
looked in excellent condition. However you can have good looking
stainless steel rigging which parts with no warning....
Robin Cooter

joemac4sail <joemac4sail@...> wrote:
Can anyone tell me the recomended life span of the standing
on a santorin. Thanks

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