Re: Forestay Grease

Many thanks to Olivier Beaute for the guidance.

Peregrinus had its forestay greased today.  It took a bit over five hours, including a lunch break of about 1 hour, two people from Nance & Underwood of Fort Lauderdale.

As the operation had been done exactly two years ago when all the standing rigging was replaced by the same men, the outcome is that:

1.  The inner forestay cable (12mm) was still very well greased.
2.  The grease had turned black.
3.  The grease had no "grit" or debris on it.  It was still very smooth.
4.  There was more grease in the lower half than the top half: nonetheless, the top half was still well-greased.

The riggers removed the furler motor's power cables and chose to lift the entire assembly, i.e, the forestay, foil and the motor together.  Nonetheless, once on deck the cable would not come out of the top, as they had originally intended, and instead was pulled out of the bottom and cleaned with rags as it was being pulled.  It was then greased as it was being pushed forward (i.e., upward) back into the furler extrusion.  This, which was the actual maintenance, took perhaps ten minutes.

A new sta-lock compression fitting was required for the top of the forestay cable.

The swivel spins remarkably freely for a thing that has been up there for fourteen years.  In fact, it spins so freely/free of friction that it is hard to envision that it may have spun any better fourteen years ago, short of it levitating magnetically around the foil. 

In the end, we certainly could have skipped the whole thing, but we approach these maintenance issues as better safe than sorry.  We can continue our cruise for the next few years relatively free of anxiety on this particular front.

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