Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Prop Shaft Electrolysis


Thank you all again for your interest and help in finding the cause of my electrolysis.

My electrical engineer (Mike Harrison in case anyone is in need of this kind of help in the Fernandina Beach, FL area) asked me to inquire the following:

1.  Does anyone have electrical schematics that include the bonding system?

2.  "Can you ask them why Amel wanted to keep the engine isolated from Battery Negative, rather than bonded to it?  I can see the benefits of not having the alternator and starter currents flowing through the engine, but as the engine is part of the Corrosion Bonding System because of the seawater connection at the propeller, it could be helpful to have it ‘grounded’ to Battery Negative. Why the need to isolate the engine?"

Thanks again,

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