Sharki bonding and grounding.


I have been following the Amel bonding and grounding discussion with great interest. Thank you everyone.

I understand that AC Ground, DC Ground and Bonding system should all be isolated from each other. Our boat was re-powered by the previous owners with a Volvo D2-55. The Engine is attached to neg 12 Volts not only for the starter motor but also for the engine's electronic Control module, oil pressure sensor, temp sensor, tachometer, etc. The Balmar alternator had an isolated DC neg. so it is ok. If I attach the Diesel motor block to the bonding system (As per Beaute Olivier's post), I no longer have a floating (isolated) DC Ground. By the way...Thank You Mr. Olivier for sharing all of your wonderful Amel knowledge. Or if I wire a separate starting solenoid between 12 Volt Neg. and the engine block I will loose the functioning of the electronic control module and temp and pressure sensors when the solenoid opens. The engine and transmission are electrically isolated from the prop shaft and propeller. The prop shaft is attached to the bonding system via a wire from a carbon brush that rides on the prop shaft. Should the engine block NOT be attached to the bonding system? 

Sorry if this is long winded...but I would like to return the boat to the Amel grounding philosophy. 

Mark Hanna

Amel Sharki #49

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