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I just uploaded a step by step instruction to replace the coupling.

I dit it my self once and it is not hard to do. (easier if done by two).  Before you start, check if you have all the  tools needed.

Good luck


2015-02-02 9:08 GMT-02:00 Beaute Olivier atlanticyachtsurvey@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...>:


Martin, Peter,

the part is priced 85 euros at AMEL La Rochelle.
You can do the job afloat, securing the lower part with a hose clamp that will sit on top of the box.
You need to take the tube from the motor. Then, in order to remove the damaged coupler, you must cut it: don't try to pull it up, because it may be held by the shaft key. If you try to pull it up (without cutting) you may disengage the shaft from the bottom gear (and you really don't want to...).

It is better to be two persons, especially when you try to re-engage the shaft with new coupler, into the motor shaft.

Good luck.


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Bonsoir Olivier,

thank you for the quick response! 

Do you think I can manage that myself with the boat in the water with one or two hose clamps and a rope?


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