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FYI, memory foam (viscoelastic polyurethane foam) is manufactured in various qualities and some of the qualities are not worth having.
Fortunately there is a simple way for you to determine quality. Almost all foam is measured by density, or pounds per cubic foot. The minimum acceptable density is 4.0 pounds per cubic foot. 

Before buying any piece of memory foam, check the weight in pounds, do the math LxWxH to determine cubic feet,, then divide the weight (pounds) by the cubic feet. If the answer is less than 4 pounds per cubic foot, it will not last long and will disappoint you.

Most memory foam mattresses have 2 to 3 inches of memory foam glued on top of 6 to 8 inches of regular polyurethane foam, making it impossible to do the math yourself, but you can do the math on "mattress toppers," those memory foam pads that you place on top of your mattress. BTW, the minimum acceptable quality of regular polyurethane foam is 3 pounds per cubic foot...anything less than 3 pounds will get too soft in a year or two.


BeBe, 387

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We recently increased the size of the rear bed in our SM so that we could choose to sleep both in the original  fore/aft configuration, and also sideways across the boat which immediately provides a very nice large "Super King" sized bed. Since I am 6ft 3" in height this has for a long time been the only real fault which we have ever been able to find with the Amel boats (and almost caused us to choose a different brand) as all bunks were 2 meters max in length and for any taller persons,  such as myself, we really do need 2.2m for complete comfort if there is a hard timber both at the head and feet of any bunk.

As part of this process we replaced the rear bed mattress with a new 220mm thick top of the range inner sprung premium mattresses with a built in Latex pillow top system - (see the top of the line mattress supplied by the company on this link  - ). What a difference!! We can now get an amazing night's sleep in total comfort and although this was expensive at around $3000, it was money very well spent in our view.

Colin & Lauren Streeter
Island Pearl II, SM#332
Brisbane, Australia

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We have a "memory foam" mattress on top of the one from Amel, then a mattress pad and sheet.  I sleep better on the boat than at home.

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Good Morning,

When we purchased Hemera (SM031) the mattress on-board was a 4" piece of cut foam in a cover. We may be getting soft in our mature age but found it pretty uncomfortable and are looking at 'something' more comfortable.

I have read a bit about the Froli sleep system  and was wondering if any one has purchased the components and what size did you actually order as we are currently in Australia and Hemera is in Turkey and so I cannot measure it myself at the moment.

Other than the Froli - what have you used for a comfortable night's sleep. What mattress do you have?



Hemera SM031

Colin Streeter
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