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Herbert Lackner

Thank you very much, Olivier!

Br, Herbert,


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Good afternoon Herbert,

yes, same for the Santorin, a little bend in the harbor.


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As I said, I would be around for a while. So, if you don't mind:

Facing the risk of stating what everybody knows, Amel had a "mast recall" a few years ago, Nothing to do with this mast bent you report, but just be sure that you have had the mast reinforced by Amel. Don't know if Amel#139 left the factory reinforced (#113 certanly did not).


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Thanks Oliver, being late contributing I saw your post after I responded as I worked my way up the email list so I wasn't trying to contradict you. Obvious logic in your reply.




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Good evening,

the original factory settings on the AMEL masts, for Super Maramus (Danny) with almost not angled spreaders, or for AMEL 54s (Martin) with angled spreaders, are made with a slight bend, the top of the mast leaning backwards of a few cms (as Martin says).

The main reason is on the AMEL ketch rigged vessels, the genoa is unusually bigger than the mainsail (compared to sloop rigged vessels). While sailing, this rather big genoa tends to pull the mast forward (more than on other boats).

If the mast is straight in the harbor, there will be a slight bend forward while close hauling with the full genoa.

With a slight bend backwards in the harbor, the mast is about straight when close hauling.

These masts are not designed to bend forward (I'm not sure either that any mast has ever been designed to bend forward).

The second reason is that there is no adjustable backstay, and, at sea, if you realize that the mast is bending forward, you cannot adjust with pulling the backstay.

Martin, you should keep your slight bend. You'll have a look at sea while close hauling, the head should not bend forward.

Best regards.


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Hi, Mast should be totally straight. Just tighten the fore stay until the rearward bend is eliminated. Presumably you didn't adjust the lower shrouds so they are holding the lower mast in its previous position so you just have to bring the top into line by tightening the forestay.



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Dear friends,

after dismounting the headstay to exchange the furler swivel and remounting everything again, I notified, that I have about 3-4 cm MASTBEND (top rearwards). I am not sure, whether that was the case before.

My question:

Is that o.k. or does the mast have to be TOTALLY straight?

(I am concerned about my MAIN-FURL)

Thanks in advance for your support.



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