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The explanation that you gave to Kent of the wiring of the 110V to 230V transformer shore power circuit made sense to me, as I have had to look at this closely lately.  I have this original Amel-installed Scheiber 6300 VA step up transformer (110 to 230 Volts) , but it suddely stopped working about 6 months ago.  I have been making do with the 230V input cable in the meantime but would like to restore the 110V capability.  My question to you is this: other than the GFI circuit breaker on the transfer box in the engine room, and the GFI circuit breaker on the 230V panel in the galley, are there any other circuit breakers that can trip and interrupt this 110V to 230V system?  Perhaps in the transformer itself?  110V seems to be getting to thre transformer, but 230V is not reaching the 220V panel.


The transformer may of course have burned out, and unless there is a simple explanation (like another circuit breaker) my next step may be to uninstall the transformer and see if it is repairable, because I have been unable to find a replacement transformer commercially available.


Any thoughts?


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