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Aha! Thanks Bill.  What does that "Permanent" stepdown transformer feed?

The + wire to the permanent stepdown transformer is the only one I see that is attached to the main service battery switch on the positive battery side of the switch.  I was surprised that the bilge pump wasn't connected there too.  I'd never checked before, but the bilge pump doesn't work when the battery switch is off. So I guess the permanent transformer is the only thing that is powered when the battery switch is off?

Is there a place that tells what these other equipments are that don't go through the 24v panel?  I know where most of the breakers are that go to the winches, heads, anchor wash, windlass, thruster, furlers, etc. They are all dependent on a breaker on the 24V panel.  I don't know where the breaker is for the aft lazarette receptacle for the dinghy inflator???

I've found 24 V between the bonding system and the Positive battery pole.  I think that means there is a connection somewhere between a negative wire and the bonding system. It carries 0.8amps with all 24v panel breakers off.  My next project is to disconnect all the negative wires at their equipment.  If the connection between the battery negative and bonding is not at the pump or motor, but somewhere between battery and the equipment, I don't think I'll find it by disconnecting neg from equipment.  Then what???

Thanks to all!

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There are many loads that do not go through the 24 volt breaker panel and the "Permanent" 24 to 12 volt step-down transformers are one example. The breaker for these is inside the wet locker...additionally, and I am fairly sure, that this breaker remains HOT with the battery switches turned OFF.

BeBe 387

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Hi again, all,
another question:
Are there any permanent loads on the 24V system that don't go through the 24V panel.

On some schematics I found something called "permanent" on the 24V system that doesn't appear to be on the 24V panel and doesn't have a breaker on it in the schematic.


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