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What kind of dollar are you talking about? USD Or ECD?

We have stayed in Marigot Bay and might have been lucky cause we don't recall it as rolly. The theft part is far more serious.

We will be St Martin/Sint Maarten around beginning April.

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Ilike to use the dutch side. the marigot harbor is quite rolly and there are too many thieves in Marigot for my taste.

If your crew leaves from the dutch side, make sure you bring their airline receipt and your landing papers to the immigration office and not to the airport so immigration can cross them off your crew list. you can not believe what a hassle it is to leave the island without the correct number of crew on your list.
The dutch side has a lagoon fee $40- a week to stay in the lagoon and a $60- one time charge to to go in and out of the bridge. In season it opens 4 times a day
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ps drop me a note when you  plan on heading to sxm. I might be there

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> In late Feb we leave PR for our first extended Caribbean cruise.
> After a stop at St. Croix we will cross to St. Martin/Maarten.
> I have been reading whatever I can find, but am confused about
> customs/immigration. Looks like the Dutch side office at the
> bridge is easier and more convenient but more expensive. I read
> that the French side has "self check in" using computers at
> various locations but I have found no listing of those
> locations. Is there adequate depth to enter the lagoon from
> Marigot Bay? One website/guide said "local knowledge" only but
> the chart shows adequate depth in the channel.
> Also, how easy is it to drop off a crew member at the airport in
> Sint Maaten to fly home?
> Does anyone have suggestions and tips? Any experienced, first
> hand info would be very useful. Thanks in advance.
> sail2live "at" hotmail "dot" com.
> Curt Epperson
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