Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] St Maarten Immigration etc.

Curt Epperson

Thanks very much for the advice.  We are new to the Caribbean and trying to get used to the "lock it or lose it" scenario.  I share your aversion to the high crime areas.  I suspect we will just pay the fee and anchor south of the causeway.  Any advice on a reasonably priced marina or is that naive?

Can you tell me what mobile phone service you use?  We have two unlocked GSM phones, one with a LIME-BVI sim card and the other with an ATT sim card.  I am wondering what I will need to buy to get mobile phone and data once we arrive.  I have also been told by our cellular service company not to even turn on our smart phone unless we get a local sim card because the local roaming charges can unintentionally and quickly escalate to hundreds of dollars.  Is that true?

Curt Epperson

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