Bow thruster wiring


Dear Forum,

                  I removed my bow thruster electric motor to change the bearings, seals etc.

There are four large cables attached to the motor labelled A1,A2,D1,D2.

I thought that I had clearly marked on the contact breakers at the top of the fiberglass trunk the location of the cables.

When I returned to the boat I discovered two red cables clipped together hanging in mid air - careless on my part.

The bottom line is, I have tried every rewiring combination that I can think of but still can not stop the motor from running on it's own as soon as I turn the batteries on or I get no power at the breakers?

Worse still I have the original wiring diagram and I  have been unable to figure it out.

Any advice or photographs would be very much appreciated.

Thank you very much.

Trevor Lusty

Seafever of Cuan

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