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The sensors for the Yamaha should all be isolated ground sensors with 2 wires on each. If your sensors have one wire they use the block as a ground ( battery -) and are the wrong sensors. Amel did a lot to isolate the engine from the DC negative.

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I'm still not sure how to connect the electrical systems of my non-isolated Yanmar 4JH4HTE to avoid electrolytic issues in the future.  The consensus here seems to be that the bonding system should have no connections to the 220, 24, or 12V grounds.  The starter, 12V alternator, and sensors (temp, oil pressure, etc) are grounded to the engine block.  I'm still checking with Yanmar to see if isolated starter, alternator, and sensors are available, but I don't think they I can't isolate the engine block (and thus the Cdrive) from the bonding system without having a connection to the 12V battery negative post.
Should I leave the engine connected to both the bonding system and the 12V negative pole (thus leaving the transmission and Cdrive connected through the engine)?

I've looked for a bonding wire to the generator, and don't see one.  I remember Eric's description of the genset as having a "floating ground" (or something like that, can't find it now).  Does that mean that the generator is not connected to the bonding system?  If so, then the small zinc in the raw water system is all that is protecting the generator from galvanic (or electrolytic) damage?

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