Amel 54 engine room airflow fan problem


Hi All,

I've an issue with both airflow fans (running when the Volvo Penta engine is running) not running. The generator exhaust fan is running perfectly fine but the main engine fans (in and out) for the air circulation in the engine room are not working.

The main switches in the junction box are both on and the wiring looks OK (i.e., no burns, corrosion, not hot, etc.). Actually it all looks like new.

The electrical diagrams of the 54 as issued by La Rochelle are a bit vague so not much help. It mainly shows that the fans are activated once the starter motor of the main engine is activated.

Before getting an expensive electrician trying to figure out how the whole system is wired and than repair it, I wonder whether somebody had a similar problem and, if so, how this was solved.

All the best from Barbados (here to get our US visa for our US East Coast adventure later in the year).

Ron, SY LILY Amel 54 #157

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