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I should be the one to answer this because Emek had only done a 54 arch before they designed one for BeBe, a Super Maramu.

I think the proof is in the result. Photos at:
sorry---there are duplicates in these two folders which I need to clean up.

I assume that you plan to go to Turkey to have it done. After Emek had completed the arch on BeBe and several other SMs, they designed the version that could be shipped. I believe that they need a Maramu at their location to be able to make the first one. I am not sure if they have made one for a Maramu yet, but email them at: RIZA CAGDAS CAKIR- EMEK MARIN>

BeBe 387

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QQ: Would you guys trust Emek with a Maramu (non Super) model of Arch?

If anyone has some pics would love to see!!! We're looking at mounting Solar Panels on our Railings, but would rather use a Arch.


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