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A simple blood test saved my life...I had very aggressive prostate cancer.

Small price to pay!

BeBe 387

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Yes it can be quite concerning about where the results come from and how true everything is. I experienced being given a report that belonged to another person, I DID go off the deep end to the reception as it was a complete lack of professionalism on their part. Needless to say, it was sorted out in the end.

I know my post may have appeared to some as a bit crude, for that I am sorry. My father died of prostate cancer and I firmly believe it may have been due to the lack of facilities being available to him at that time.

This is serious stuff you guys and you need to be aware of the consequences, after all, it is only a blood test and generally, is the best way to monitor your health. I try to have a complete medical bi-annually, a requirement from my PPL days, a habit I try to keep abreast of now.

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