Onan 6.5 MDKDP Water Pump Part Number


I want to buy a Speed Seal impeller cover for my Onan 6.5 MDKDP genset from 1995.  This impeller cover is sold by a UK company. It's a replacement cover that uses knurled knobs to remove the cover making it incredibly easy, especially when in a difficult location as on the Onan.  I have one on my Volvo Penta.  FYI, the newest version has a new feature that allows it to run dry without damage to the impeller.  

I need to find out the part number and OEM for the water pump so Speed Seal can identify which cover I need.  ONAN in Seattle could only give me the Onan part number which they say is 132-0413.  They even gave me the Onan drawing of the part which is actually made by a vendor.  Unfortunately, the vendor name is not on the drawing and they can't find it at Onan.  

My question is does anyone know the OEM and/or part number of the water pump for my Onan genset noted above.  I did find a rebuild kit on eBay for a water pump with Onan part number 132-0111 and Oberdorf part number 50-P-15.  However, it doesn't look like the same part on the Onan drawing.  My boat is in New Zealand and I'm in Seattle making physical check difficult.  BTW the URL for Speedseal is Welcome to Speedseal  


Bill Shaproski

Pacific Cool

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