Re: Amel 54 engine room airflow fan problem

Ron Heyselaar <ronheyselaar@...>

Thanks Bill, Jose and Leo, thanks for the advise. Highly appreciated.

I've replaced all relays (have four of them all linked to each other) but the fans are still not working. It clearly seems a signal issue as the fans are working fine (have now changed the connection on the relay to the 'normally' open connection (87a) and can switch the fans on manually. The signal to change the 'normally' open (I.e No connection) to closed comes from somewhere at the engine but can't trace it far enough to see where it goes. We have an auxiliary alternator (140A) mounted on the engine which junction box houses the Mastervolt battery charger as well as two relays of which one seems to cater for the signal to start the fans.

The problem seems to be somewhere else. Will now have to find an proper electrician to check the circuits.

If anybody has any other suggestions, feel free to let me know.

Ron, SY LILY, Sint Maarten

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