Speed vs. RPM

Ag Av8ter

Hello all,
We have a S/M #266 and it is fairly new to us. Question: #266 has the
Volvo engine that has a sticker on it saying built by Perkins, we were
told it is 80hp. We also have the Amel autoprop. The prop itself is
clean and the roller bearings that are visable are clean. The blades
rotate easily. When in calm water she will run at about 7.5 kts wide
open, but she will only turn up 2,200 RPM. The Volvo manual says it
should turn up over 4000 RPM. In rough water and head winds, at 2,200
RPM we are lucky to get 3 to 4 kts. Is this a typical situation for a
SM? Sure seems overpitched. Does not make much smoke and runs at
90C. Ideas? Thanks for your help. Tony

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