Yanmar has a new easy to remove impeller.

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The new yanmar impellers are threaded on the inside for the first ¼ inch. They sell a bushing that screws in to the impeller and then a bolt threads into the center of the bushing. Just turn the bolt and the impeller is out.

2 minutes with knurled bolts on the cover.

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I am a little late to this conversation. I am familiar with the SpeedSeall product as I have one on my Yanmar. I think it is 80%hype and 20% product because all it really is, is knurled thumb knobs that replace bolts...yes, they give you a new end-plate with 2 holes and 2 slots, rather than the stock 4 hole end-plate, and supposedly they have a great extractor tool, but...the vice grip tool that Gary Silver designed and posted a photo of is 100 times better. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/amelyachtowners/photos/albums/832106688


BeBe (2003 - 387) has a 2002 Onan Model 7MDKAV, SN# JO10296057. A SpeedSeal solution will not work for this Sherwood water pump because of the way the pump is designed.


However, that said....

I believe that the best way to deal with impeller changes on this pump is to remove the pump. It is very easy to remove (two bolts/nuts). Once removed, it is very easy to change the impeller, and more importantly inspect the output port of the water pump where impeller fins will get lodged. You cannot really see that output port well unless you remove the pump, and having SpeedSeal would not help you see this port.


I have two pumps onboard because although the Onan may be the best generator you can buy, that water pump is the worse part. In addition to frequent impeller changes (avg 250 hours), the mechanical shaft-seal will fail (leaking salt water onto the pan) and the shaft key for the impeller will fail (causing the impeller to spin on the shaft).


BTW, I never disconnect a water line or a water pump without a wet vacuum in my hand. The wet vacuum will keep salt water from getting where you do not want it, and it will also suck up debris and impeller blades...always inspect the pumped water in the wet vacuum before you dump it...you will be surprised. You can also use the wet vacuum to clean debris and impeller fins out of the Onan heat exchanger by removing the end-cap. Suggestion: have a new end-cap on hand (part number 130-5176 with gasket and O ring...requires 2 - 1 for each end). These end-caps are delicate and may break when removed..





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The Sherwood G702 pump fits the Onan but its not the same construction.

The Sherwood G702 is a one piece casting, doesn't have an external plate that could be used with the Speed Seal system.



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