Re: SV Libby and the Blueplanet Odyssey

Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Hi Terry & Dena

From all of us on the forum wishing you guys a fantastic trip on the Blueplanet Odyssey. Nice to see Amel represented there for a good cause. MV Island Pearl II would also have liked to join that particular trip, if they were still plan to go through the Suez canal route safely by then, but we are still some years off being free to cruise. Our current aim is to join the 2nd half of the 2016/7 World ARC from Australia to St Lucia leaving Mackay in August 2017 then on to the Med for 18 months before going back around to Australia via the Pacific.

We will look out for you when you get to Mackay, Australia, if you are on that leg of the trip, to meet you both and also in case we can be of any assistance on land here at that stage.

Bon Voyage!!

Colin & Lauren Streeter
Island Pearl II, 2001 SM #332
Mackay, Australia

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