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Peter Grimm's Company is Super Sailmakers, of Ft. Lauderdale. He is who Joel
recommended to me. He has built lots of 110% Jibs for Amel SMs. His phone is 954

They call the 110% a "Carribean Blaster". It is 502 square feet, of 9.5 oz low aspect
Dacron and has a foam luff with a UV boarder. You need 135 ft of sheet. Peter
recommended 1/2 inch line for the sheets and I have found that 1/2 inch is a little too
small for our jib sheet winches. I have to put at least 5 turns on to prevent slippage.

I purchased the sail last year and the price was $ 2,684 USD with Joel's referral discount. I
had a chance to use it for the first time last month in the BVI. What a great sail. I find I
can point about 5 to 8 degrees higher (about 45 degrees), have speeds that match the
Gateff 155% and it seems to be more foregiving of poor trimming. I am very impressed.
Of course I was sailing in 15-25 knots of wind the whole time but I could sail completely
un-furled where I would have had the 155% furled up during most of that last trip.

Sorry to butt into your thread but I am so impressed with this sail that I couldn't resist.

Regards, Gary Silver s/v Liahona Hull # 335> John,
Nice speaking to you yesterday.
Were you able to find the name of the sail maker in Ft Lauderdale that made
your 110?
Fair Winds,
Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite

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