Re: Engine Door Hatch


Further to the posting by Eric on Kimberlite of pictures of the hatch repair we post more details as to how this was done. This varies a little from Bill on th SV Bebe's approach.

  1. Removed door and did repair work on a bench. Did both sides at the same time.
  2. Pulled back the foam.
  3. Removed the Amel attaching plate from the strut and the lid.
  4. The balsa core was compressed allowing the bolt to move upwards and cause the bubble effect on the hatch. 
  5. Glassed over the area to make a bigger footprint to attach the SS plate to.
  6. Drilled 4 holes into the balsa and filled with epoxy to accommodate new screws to attach the plate. Dilled and tapped the holes out to accommodate the new bolts.
  7. Cut a stainless steel plate and attached.
  8. Glued the plate into position with 5200 and put bolts in.
  9. Attached the original Amel attaching plate to the new stainless steel plate. Drilled holes and filled with epoxy (West System) and drilled out. Tapped the holes  to accommodate the old bolts.
  10. Reattached everything. Used some contact cement to re-glue the foam.
  11. This job takes a lot longer than 2 hours as the glassing , filling holes ,drilling and tapping takes time for everything to cure.

Paul & Susan LaFrance


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