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Andrew & Kate Lamb



My understanding is that the standard unit is the Bauer Junior 2  which is installed in the large port cockpit locker towards the stern. We are also looking to install one of these in the next year or two.






SM2k 472

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We do not have the Amel fitted Dive compressor on Island Pearl II and are interested to get information from other Amel owners about these? 


Does Amel fit a particular brand? Where is it fitted? Is it effective? How long does it take to refill a 10l dive tank? Would like to see some pictures posted on this forum of the Amel installed equipment if possible? Is there an after market brand and model which fits the Super Maramu and where to purchase this?


Lastly does any Super Maramu owner have one in good condition and not use, or need it, and want to sell it to creat more space on board their boat? How much??


Apology for so many questions but we suspect that we are not the only person interested in find this out, so it will be a useful conversation to store on this site for future reference of others.


Fair Winds


Colin & Lauren Streeter

Island Pearl II, 2001 SM#332

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