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Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

Many thanks Peter and Andrew for your early input so far. Looking forward to also hearing from others out there who already have a dive compressor installed on their vessel in terms of how well it works and if it is worth losing all that valuable space in the port cockpit locker?

Also has anyone come up with a better aftermarket dive compressor which could possibly fit in the large engine room? See the link to the S/V Delos boat tour video  - -  who have a TV soap opera type following of blog fans around the globe watching their videos as they travel the world on an SM2000. Never noticed Brian on this forum yet, however he appears to be a pretty savvy skipper who researches everything pretty meticulously too so do hope to see him contribute to this forum too some day. Watching this video they have mounted a compressor in the engine bay and it fills tanks up in 20mins. Anyone else done so and what brand/model did you put in? 

Colin Streeter
Island Pearl II, SM#332

PS Note that S/V Delos fitted 600w solar panels and barely have to run their generator anymore despite normally having a large crew on board.

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I asked Amel Mediterranean for a quote for Diving compressor retro fit in my Amel 54 and the quote was €4600 + tax (currently 20% I think) and  a down time of one day.

I did not pursue this due cost so I never got to ask the type etc.

i hope that helps.

Peter Forbes
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Carango  Sailing Ketch
Amel 54 #035
Gouvia Marina - CORFU, Greece

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We do not have the Amel fitted Dive compressor on Island Pearl II and are interested to get information from other Amel owners about these? 

Does Amel fit a particular brand? Where is it fitted? Is it effective? How long does it take to refill a 10l dive tank? Would like to see some pictures posted on this forum of the Amel installed equipment if possible? Is there an after market brand and model which fits the Super Maramu and where to purchase this?

Lastly does any Super Maramu owner have one in good condition and not use, or need it, and want to sell it to creat more space on board their boat? How much??

Apology for so many questions but we suspect that we are not the only person interested in find this out, so it will be a useful conversation to store on this site for future reference of others.

Fair Winds

Colin & Lauren Streeter

Island Pearl II, 2001 SM#332

Mackay, Australia

Colin Streeter
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