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Chris if you change the depth of that seat cushion, you will wind up with an uncomfortable seat.


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Hi Bill,

I have sent these photos through to Jennifer to show her how smart it looks. It is definitely a great facelift and looks ultra-comfortable.

With the bull nose on the front of the seat, it may not work with my plan to turn the lowered dining table into a bed and will have to think about keeping that section flat. I also hadn't thought of doing the nav seat but it would be so much better if we did.

Thanks for the extra effort you are putting in to help us out.


Chris Flack
Hemera SM031




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Look closely at the photos. 
The seats and back style was changed with the "channel quilting" removed. The back also has an added interior zipper (like the seat does) which gives it that look of a pillow at the top of the back and a bull nose on the front of the seat...see photo "RF Back Detail" and "LF Seat Detail"
Also look at the very large circular has been split into 3 pieces. Look at the photo labeled "LF Corner" and "RF Corner" which show the split. You can also see how the original seat was made by first removing the piece of foam from the backside of the seat cushion. Once removed, you will see an internal zipper which when opened reveals the bull nose piece of foam.
I would use UltraLeather Ivory also. Tomorrow I am going to visit their distributor in Houston, I will try to get a sample that I can mail to you.

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Thank you Bill,

I asked Riza to use the UltraLeather Ivory on our refit with the memory foam layer and to also make up a 2 section insert for the dining table when we drop it down to a bed. Getting really excited about the things we are doing and can't wait to get over there at the beginning of May.


Chris Flack



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  Ultrafabrics Europe, Ltd

19 The Warren,
East Goscote,
Leicestershire, LE7 3XA
United Kingdom

Main Phone: +
Email: ufe@...

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Bill, thanks you again.

This is very interesting and the Ivory does look good. Not too sure between the UltraLeather and the UltraLeather Pro.

I hope Riza is able to source it for me.

I hope your folk up there are starting to thaw out.


Hemera SM031



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Alcantara and Ultrasuede are two of the best known brands for a fabric that has a polyester fiber electrostatically glued to a base cloth. The result is a fabric that looks like a perfect leather suede. There are many qualities and prices. I am not sure which brand Amel used on the SM 2000.
Polyester fiber is easily cleaned with soap and water, but will also take alcohol type cleaners for tough grease stains. Polyurethane coated fabrics are harder to stain, will clean with soap and water and you need to test alcohol or petroleum-based cleaners need to be tested on Polyrethane, because they may dull the luster. 
If I were changing, I would probably use Ultraleather™ Color Ivory 
<<>> Ultraleather™ Pro Color Swan
I will upload a few photos of the interior of SM ARAMIS...hopefully the owner will not mind. It is beautiful!
BeBe 387

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Hi Bill,

I didn't know your past history but your advice is again, invaluable. 

Is the polyester microfiber fabric that Amel use the Alcantara? Does the Ultraleather clean up well from possible grease and stains?

Some photos and details of what you have described would be great thank you. The idea of the memory foam would add even greater comfort. We are also looking at turning the thinking table into a drop down and making it into another big comfortable bed when the 'plopping' gets too much or we have more visitors.

Chris Flack
Hemera SM031


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As some of you know, I was in the furniture manufacturing business for many years. This is something I know a little about.

If I were reupholstering the salon and did not want to use the polyester microfiber fabric that Amel used in SMs, my next choice would be Ultraleather brand urethane coated fabric. This looks like and feels like leather. It is as porous  and breathable as leather. They produce this urethane in 54" and 2m wide rolls and sell cut orders by the yard or meter through fabric distributors and designers in the EU & USA. I would pick the smoother grain (embossing). Google for more.

I have photos of a SM which was reupholstered with Ultraleather. It is beautiful. A German gal in France did the job. She also used new foam and a layer of memory foam. She also used double-needle stiching for extra detail and added strength.

Let me know if you want more details and or photos.

Bill Rouse
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