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The Victron 75/50 will take up to 75volts +-5% and up to 50 amps. It automatically senses the voltage of the battery bank and the state of charge, then charges the batteries based on 1 of the 10 preset charging routines...example: AGM charging curve.

So you can place them in series.

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Being that these panels each put out 28 volts wouldn’t they be put in parallel?

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You should have no problem. Be sure that you have the right MPPT controller. The Victron 75/50 would allow you to connect up to 3 of these in series before your battery bank.






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I am planning to add solar panels on the arch which will be installed soon. My neighbor has 2 panels left which are Conergy Power Plus 220. These panels are normaly used for the roof of a house. Each one delivers 28,82 V(max) with a current of 7,74 A(max).


Would it be possible to use these kind of panels on a boat?


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