Maramu blisters


I have some small blisters since I purchased me 1985 Maramu 7 years ago.  I've always been told that they were small and just cosmetic.

This latest haul out in NZ I'm being told that I should have a complete osmosis repair and it could take 2 1/2-3 months for the hull dr dry out after grinding and before 3 coats of epoxy can be applied.  The cost is estimated to be $25,000 nzd.  

My question to other Maramu owners is, is this a common problem with older Maramu's?  Has anyone with a similar problem taken a different approach (like grinding the blisters individually yourself vs using a me jibe to skim off the entire chop layer of fiberglass.

Thanks for any input you can furnish.


S/V Chara

Hin 173

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