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Interesting.....I hadn't thought of this at all.  I will definitely look into it.


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Buy a peeler to remove the gel coat for about $500.00 and peel it in two days and apply epoxy in one day. Just need a yard that lets you do your own work. Two kinds of peelers. One thousand dollars and other made for house paint but sold for boat work. Need a vacumn that connects to peller or shaver. One types Is like a planner blade the other is like a angle grinder but both use carbide and diamond cutters. Very easy compared to sanding and grinding. Not as much flying particles and effort. Process is peel, epoxy then barrier coat and finally antifouling paint. Sanding only after peeling to smooth surface, then apply each coat before their too dry so that each coat burns in or much sanding. Look how it is done on YouTube, you will be surprised how each compared to grinding. It also makes very little free floating particles and it is mostly in the vacumn.

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I have some small blisters since I purchased me 1985 Maramu 7 years ago. I've always been told that they were small and just cosmetic.

This latest haul out in NZ I'm being told that I should have a complete osmosis repair and it could take 2 1/2-3 months for the hull dr dry out after grinding and before 3 coats of epoxy can be applied. The cost is estimated to be $25,000 nzd.

My question to other Maramu owners is, is this a common problem with older Maramu's? Has anyone with a similar problem taken a different approach (like grinding the blisters individually yourself vs using a me jibe to skim off the entire chop layer of fiberglass.

Thanks for any input you can furnish.


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