Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Amel 53 NEEDED


As a member of this forum since 2008 I would greatly appreciate guidance from Jose or whoever is the current administrator of the site regarding the issue of members wishing to sell their vessels.
I currently have a Super Maramu for sale. I have often added 'For Sale' after recent postings but I am very unclear as to what if any,is the correct procedure for a member trying to sell his or her boat.
Is it correct to mention the boat is listed with a broker?
Is it correct to mention the asking price?
It seems to be commonsense to me, to indeed have a section within the forum where members and visitors can peruse boats or perhaps relevant Amel equipment for sale and allow the vendors the opportunity to update the status of enquiries and progress of the sale.
Currently I have had a number of enquiries regarding my boat either through  Yahoo, directly to my Hotmail, or via my broker.
The important fact here is, that the majority of serious enquiries were initiated from the Amel Forum.
I do not believe that this forum should be used in any manner for private or commercial gain.
As a collective we share information with each other in a non profit making fashion,why would we not do the same if people want to sell their vessels privately. 
Kind regards,
Trevor Lusty
Seafever of Cuan
SM 424

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