Fuel Polishing & tank cleaning

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Thanks, Eric. We will probably use your process for the next time, but it
looks now like we might be somewhat rushed for time in May because of
impending business requirements. So will be happy to pay someone to handle
it for us this first time. Nice to know that it can be done simply. Thanks
for the instructions.

Judy Rouse
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The fuel polishing is very simple and can be done with a 500-turbine Racor
filter, an electric transfer pump some fuel hose and 3 feet of copper
tubing. You make a vacuum cleaner gadget with this, remove the inspection
ports and vacuum away.
We also had a 100gpm Racor filter and a 13 gpm fuel transfer pump added to
our fuel system and filter the fuel before it goes into the tank.

I have polished my tanks for the last 10 years myself.

There is also a screen at the bottom of the tank that is accessible only by
removing the shut off valve at the bottom of the tank. It is very similar
material as the screens in the shower drains.
This is where you will get a clog and can not be cleaned by polishing the
Of course the tank has to be empty to do this.

Fair Winds,
Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite

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