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I think it is the same starter. Check the diesel engine. If it is a Kubota 3-Cyl Diesel Model D1105, it is the same starter on each the MDKAL and the MDKAV


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Check with the onan distributor,

They are always changing the part numbers, it could possibly be a new number for the same starter.

Try calling cummins metropower in New Jersey of The Bronx New York.

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Good morning,

I am having trouble to find the correct part number for the Onan MDKAL B Specs 12 volt starter…
On a lot of post I see the part 185-7104 but it is for the MDKAV model….

Could anyone please let me know which part it is for the MDKAL?

If you have a good source for it would be nice as well.

Thanks in advance.

Sincerely, Alexandre
in maintenance in Fort Lauderdale

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