Sea Cow Bay, Tortola, BVI Depths

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Hi Judy:

I kept my boat at Manuel Reef Marina from Dec 2004 to June 2004 and it has been there
again since November of 2005. Jim Woods is the manager and a knowledgeable Amel guy.
Not only that he is an extremely nice guy. He will even do some minor provisioning for
you to get you thru the first day or two aboard if you ask. He does care taking on my boat
and watches the lines etc. There can be surge conditions at times in the marina
warranting good fender placement and good line adjusting. Yet there has never been
anything major.

I always enter and leave on a high tide (the tide is typically only about 12 to 18 inches).
There is a well-marked channel going into the marina and you must use the slips on the
south east side of the dock. There is plenty of depth there but inadequate water on the
north west side of the dock. Also stay close to the finger docks when maneuvering. The
finger docks aren't wide enough to accommodate an Amel and any other significantly
sized boat side by side so you usually get a slip all to yourself and can stand the boat off
well from the dock to ease the situation when there is some surge.

The only problem you might have entering/leaving is through the last two sets of red-
green channel markers as that is the shallowest part. It can be 6 ft 6 inches here (or
slightly more shallow) at low tide. I have been stuck there once (full fuel, full water, 6
people and junk) and had to kedge off. On a high tide I have never touched bottom going
in or out. It seems to be deeper (and Jim advises) to stay towards the red markers for the
deepest water.

The price is right here as well. It is about $650 per month without caretaking which is
about half of what it is in Nanny Cay (where I couldn't get a slip even 18 months in

Regards, Gary

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