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I would not make the cusions in such a bright colour and with no patterns. Every tiny tiny spot will be to visible and ruin the whole apearance.

It is not just kids that makes spots on cusions, a drop of red whine, some gravy that dripped from the spoon, a pen that just happend to fall on to the cusion.....
And all the times you have to move the cusions to be able to open freeze/fridge you grab in the same spot will make them dirty in time at all.

Most furniture fabrics are treated some kind of a stain resistances, that protection disapears the more you wash the covers.

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Hello All,

We are doing the interior out of Sunbrella “ice white”.  Not sure about the quality but I’ve been assured it will be the best grade.  The mattress covers will be a a different cloth.

The trial piece looked very good in pics.


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Sunbrella is brand that offers many qualities, patterns, colors and textures.

Specifically what does he suggest?


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I have ordered the Ivory UltraLeather for the salon and Riza has recommended Sunbrella throughout the rest of the interior but we are unsure how that would look. What are your thoughts?




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I was reading cleaning info yesterday. There is a method for cleaning ballpoint ink, but you have do act quickly...following from ultraleather:

Ballpoint Pen Ink**
**For tough stains clean using isopropyl/rubbing alcohol. After cleaning, rinse surface with clean water and wipe dry. Prompt attention is important for successful removal of any stain.

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We use smooth ultra leather for props in our jewelry stores. The only problem with this material is that if you stain it with a pen it is absolutely impossible to remove,

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Hi Paul,

To date, I only have quotes to do the Salon areawithr new fabric and cushions. For Alcantara the price was 4000 euro and for UltraLeather it is 6200 euro. For the rest of the insides, Riza recommends Sunbrella but I do not have a quote for that yet.


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The upholstery looks great, may I ask for the cost to change? We just bought a SM where it's soon time to change as well. we will probably convert to a saloon table that drops down, not for a bunk but just a nice and cosy place to rest when weather do not allow to do that in the cockpit.

Paul S/Y Kerpa

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