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I am not sure about hydranet for crosscut because I was not going to consider crosscut.  But there are at least 3 different weights of hydranet.

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To all of you who are interested in having a quotation for new hydranet sails, I remind that there are two different hydranet fabrics: one is for crosscut and the other is for triradial cut (this latter with a lot of spectra inside and with a higher price). We got this second fabric for our sails. 

The references for the sailmaker (connected to Banks Sail) are:
E-mail info@...
Mobile +39 392 2514971 Francesca
They are located in Leghorn (Livorno) Italy. 
For those who are sailing in the tyrrenian sea I suggest to visit our base port Marina Cala de' Medici (15 miles south Leghorn). 

Fair winds!


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We will buy new sails for 2016 season as our newly bought SM sails are in poor condition, however will use this season to learn how it is to sail on own a SM before making major investment, our thought is hydranet triradial probably with circular profile battens to get a more stable leach. so please send contact details for Banks. 
I learned that a sail cloth named Vectron are at lower price and have at least same "performance" i.e low stretch and good durability. Have any of you any experiences in VECTRON 

Paul S/Y Kerpa

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