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Depending where you are calling from you call 011 (from the USA)

Then 33 France country code then 546 La Rochelle city code and then the local number 551731. Do not dial the 0 between the 33 and the 546.


Calling from out of the country sometimes you have to dial + instead of 011. To dial a + you hold down the o button.

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I am trying to contact Amel to order a few parts, something I haven't done before.

The number I see to use is 330546551731, and I was told that to dial direct, I needed to preface the call by dialing 011. Seems like a hell of a lot of numbers, however I haven't had to dial France before.

If anyone would be kind enough to let me know if that is the number, or if there is another one to use, I would be greatly appreciative of that information.

I tried emailing and never received a response. It would seem that emailing would be a much more efficient means to order parts. The email I used was provided on the Amel website.

I have actually dialed the number sequence I listed above, and never get through, it always sounds busy. The operator says she is connecting my call, so I assume that the number is correct.


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