Fuel Pre-Filter System & Tank Questions

eric freedman

There ate 3 or 4 baffles in the tank.

The Racor number for the pre diesel filter is INFDW51125 the filter head is
INFDH 12500
This is a 25 Micron filter 5" in diameter and 11" length. It takes a Jabsco
50 liter per minute vane pump with 1" ports. - This idea came from Ian

My pre filter works as follows;
There is a "y" valve just below the fill cap in the aft starboard cockpit
locker. Straight down position goes to the tank. I only use that position
for the dipstick.
With the valve turned sideways the fuel drops down to the Jabsco pump
mounted directly on the aft engine room bulkhead. From there it runs into
the Racor filter then up to an elbow welded in the aft inspection port of
the fuel tank. I also had a buzzer added to the system to remind me that the
pump is running.
Fair Winds,
Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite

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How many baffels are in the fuel tank (600 liter size tank)?

Can you describe in more detail how your fuel pre-filter is plumbed, what
type of pump you
have installed etc. I looked at the picture but it isn't clear to me how
it flows from the fuel
filler port into the tank.

Thanks (Tanks) , Gary

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