Re: Maramu blisters


Blister repairs are a huge revenue generator for boatyards, and they love to get people worked up about it and convince them to do a peel and complete new bottom. On some of the Amels I have seen there are some very shallow blisters that are not causing any harm. I would not be swayed by boatyard salespeople. If someone is concerned, pay a survey for an hour of his time to offer a professional opinion. I've yet to see a blister sink a boat. 

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I was recently discussing this issue with some knowledgeable people, and their take on it was unless they were large enough to be a structural issue, paint them and forget them.  Their argument (as best I can relate it anyway) was this: H2O is drawn into voids in the laminate by a chemical process (I assume osmosis).  When there is sufficient H2O in the void to react with the catalyst, then the H2O molecules are no longer attracted and the process is stabilized.  Therefore the blisters stop growing.  As long as the blisters don't get too big, don't worry about it.  If you have the time and money, fix it.  If you're short on either, and the blisters are not a structural problem, "paint 'em and forget 'em". 

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