Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Speed vs. RPM

Claude Roessiger <nearlynothing@...>

I have had no end of trouble with this combination.
Amel aren't playing this straight with us. Every owner
I have met with the Volvo-Auto prop combination has
similar woes. I think the source of the trouble is the
prop. In reverse, do you get 3500 RPM? If so, it says
a lot.
This darned prop (and I have had unsatisfactory
exchanges with Bruntons, the maker) is unbelievably
sensitive. Unless it's polished to perfection, it
seems to just not give power. Expensive as it is, I
think to change it.
At full power the SM ought to give you 8 kts +.
I have had similar woes in waves as you describe, no
power, no speed.
The Volvo turbo-diesel is itself less torquey than a
straight old diesel as in the old Maramus,
bullet-proof engines.
This said, an 80 hp engine should do the job. I think
the prop is suspect.
If anyone has made a prop change successfully, it
would be good to know.
Claude Roessiger

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