Re: New to the Group

Paul Osterberg

Hello and welcome Michael

We have just gone through the same process as you plan, the only difference we have made “costal” sailing since we were young;

We bought an Amel SM just a month ago.

We looked at a lot of different kinds of boats before deciding for an Amel, but in the end it was quiet obvious why we choose the Amel, You get loads of “more” quality boats and equipment for the money, a boat that is easy to handle for a couple, a boat that is safe and comfortable, at least that is our conclusion. Another VERY important issue it is a rather large engine room with space for maintenance and easy access to maintenance points for other equipment, because one thing that is for sure, you have to make preventative maintenance and repair, and then this excellent forum will be at a great value.

                           We thought in the beginning that the SM was a little too large and it might stretch our budget to fare, so we choose between Santorini and SM, but again the choice for us was rather easy, a Santorini will be before 1995 thus rather old and most probably higher maintenance and replacement costs for old equipment and if you choose one of the early SM the price difference is not very high either.

                           Of course it cost more to have a larger boat but we will spend as few nights as possible in marinas not only due to cost but because we prefer that, less noise, some wind that ventilate your boat and often at no cost.

                           We have gained experience by “charter” “blue water” sailing boats with a captain at a reasonable cost, and I have also crewed on boats needing help for crossing or other reason also that at a reasonable cost.

                           Now we are in the process of selling our house and plan to leave end May that is our Plan A if we do not like to sail full time we are at least convinced we like to sail part time, and then Plan B will be dealt with later. From now on it’s “Saturday every day” and we can decide every day what we want to do it will be our new Paradise


Paul & Kerstin on S/Y Kerpa

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