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Ag Av8ter

Hello Claude,
I spoke with a man in Ft. Lauderdale when I had our boat hauled out
for her survey. He owns an older Amel, not sure what model. He
suggested that as long as the boat was out of the water, that I
apply "some stuff" (I do not remember what it is called)> Evidently
it is a coating or film that goes on a squeaky clean prop an seals
it. Thus it is less apt to fouling and easier to clean when
fouled. I am an aviator, and there are "tapes" to cover the leading
edges of the wing and prop to accomplish this same thing. And for
rotorcraft it also reduces the leading edge errosion. When I get
back to my boat, in just a few days, I will try the full astern to
see what kind of RPM she will turn. In my particular case I am
convinced that the boat is over pitched, and that I am not getting
optimum performance from the turbo. (Low RPM, low to ineffective
turbine speed, thus increasing coking or carbon build up)

Tony Gray

--- In, Claude Roessiger
<nearlynothing@...> wrote:

I have had no end of trouble with this combination.
Amel aren't playing this straight with us. Every owner
I have met with the Volvo-Auto prop combination has
similar woes. I think the source of the trouble is the
prop. In reverse, do you get 3500 RPM? If so, it says
a lot.
This darned prop (and I have had unsatisfactory
exchanges with Bruntons, the maker) is unbelievably
sensitive. Unless it's polished to perfection, it
seems to just not give power. Expensive as it is, I
think to change it.
At full power the SM ought to give you 8 kts +.
I have had similar woes in waves as you describe, no
power, no speed.
The Volvo turbo-diesel is itself less torquey than a
straight old diesel as in the old Maramus,
bullet-proof engines.
This said, an 80 hp engine should do the job. I think
the prop is suspect.
If anyone has made a prop change successfully, it
would be good to know.
Claude Roessiger

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