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I have been a member of Offshore Passage Opportunity (www.sailopo) for over ten years and can heartily endorse them. Hank Schmidt looks out for boat owners and crew. I  strongly recommend taking a trip to see if offshore sailing is for you. I have been crew with boat owners (Caribbean 1500- 65% of which never did an offshore voyage and they are wound up tight as a drum. I have gotten 90% great crew as well and a few not so great, but that’s personalities. Best of all you only have to pay for  transportation. Put the wife on a separate boat. Better for you and her


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I am going to show my old fashioned ways: Chapman Piloting & Seamanship. Yes, it’s a book. It’s paper. It’s old fashioned but it’s a lot of what you need to know. Read it.

I agree with Bill. A lot of the forum’s have marginal advice. IMO there are a lot of angry people waiting to pick fights while hiding behind a computer screen.

Also, someone here suggested cruising on other people’s boats or offering to crew for no-charge. While this is tempting and could work out very well for you, be careful. Do you know enough about boats and boating to recognize a potential disaster before setting off? I’m not sure I would be willing to put my life in the hands of a perfect stranger and the seaworthiness of their boat.

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Hello All

Michael here again just a question for all of you.

What groups and articles on the web have you found useful to furthering your sailing knowledge other than the Amel group.

I realize there are many out there but by posing this question I thought I might be able to narrow it down a bit and get the one's that stand out from the groups standpoint.



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