Anchor Chain

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Having purchased "Drifter" SM #240 in October we are having great fun
exploring and beginning to understand some of the myriad systems on
board. Recently checking the anchor chain locker for the first time
from the fore stateroom, we found a mound of rusted chain requiring a
hammer to break it up. Me-thinks it time to replace the chain.

Being in the US, metric chain seems unatainable, hence a potential
incompatibility with the windlass gypsy. Anyway, looking for
suggestions, knowing that there are probably as many opinions about
anchoring as there are skippers.

1) Recommended size/type chain. Thinking 3/8" G40 or G70, but can a
replacement gypsy for that size chain be found for this windlass.
Alternatively, is metric chain available in the US at palatable prices.

2) Recommended rode configuration. Thinking 100-150' of chain and
100'-150' of rope. Planning cruising in Caribbean and South Pacific.

Thanks for any help with this,

Mike Ondra
"Drifter" SM #240

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