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Halidun Karagoz

Hi Derick, 
Same thing happened to me. It happens when there is air trapped in the hose. Remedy : stop the bilge pump from the circuit breaker in the engine room. Take out the hose from the bilge sump, and turn it upside down  (Orifice of the hose facing the sky ). Fill the hose with water, and put it back into the sump without draining the hose (sump supposidly full). Open the circuit breaker. 
Hope this helps. 
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Hi all,

I was working in the engine room when I noticed that the bilge pump had Ben on for a long time, and was sucking air, not water.  That is when I noticed for the first time that there was no circuit breaker on the 24 V panel for the bilge pump, only the toggle switch between automatIc and manual.  I shut off the bilge pump by disconnecting one of the wires at the pump, and then examined the float switch.  I noticed tht if I disconnect the float switch, one wire or both wires, the pump still runs on and on and on, by which I deduced that the float switch must close when the pump when the water has dropped sufficiently. 

However, on checking out the float switch with an ohmmeter this morning, I find that the float switch works fine and opposite to what I had deduced.  When the float rises the switch closes, and when the water has lowered, the switch opens.  So there is nothing wrong with my float switch.  The bilge pump seems to be ignoring the signal from the float switch.

Is there a control circuit in the bilge pump itself, or someplace else?  Can the manual/auto switch on the 24V panel short out and be on full-time manual?

Anyone experience this before?


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