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As Jeff mentioned if the drogue is out you will be in severe conditions. The boat will be frequently under water by breaking waves with only the masts sticking out of the sea. Not a problem as the cockpit drains in 45 seconds.

One crewmember over 6 feet tall was up to his armpits in water while standing in the cockpit. I don’t think your dink would hold up to this repeated onslaught.

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I'm curious what kind of dinghy you have that you're carrying on the back deck.

Hopefully it's a dinghy that can be stowed in the stern locker once deflated.

I personally would not consider any dinghy secured on the back deck to be a safe scenario in any conditions that would warrant the use of a Jordan series drogue.

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> I am looking into buying a drogue from Ocean Brake UK. Roddy
> recommends 147 cones. I am still uncertain about the bridle
> arrangement. In my case I have the Amel supplied boomerang
> davits that fold back onto the stern. I presume the bridle has
> to go on the inside of the backstays and to the outside of the
> folded back davits. I keep the dinghy on top of the back deck
> when travelling any distance. I intend to attach the bridles
> with a soft eye on the back cleat and run them through the
> fairlead. Ocean Brake recommends for the length of the bridles,
> 2.5 times the width of the attachment points. I know some of
> you have a Jordan Drogue. Could anybody tell me what the length
> of their bridle legs is to the back cleat and how do you protect
> the legs from chafing? I'm worried about putting too much
> strain on the backstays when the boat yaws. Any comments or
> suggestions would be appreciated.
> Many thanks.
> Gerhard Hoffmann
> SM381, Pepino
> Greece

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