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I meant to say the bridles are a problem but I would not shorten them.


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The backstays are a problem but I would not shorten them. They really soften the stretch of the drogue and with sufficient chafe gear it will not be a problem.

The shock load on the  drogue is surprisingly small as the cones take most of the load. It is amazing to watch it work.  I am just finishing a monster snatch block that will pull the bridle away from whatever backstay is being rubbed by the bridle-Speak to dave about the length.


As chafe gear I use leather Velcro lined turnbuckle covers which were made by Edson. I further attach them with “zip” cable ties.

They have to be inspected and moved every hour.


You should also fashion some device to fit over the chock when retrieving the drogue. This will prevent you from ripping the cones while they pass over the chock.


Be careful with the horn of the primary winch as it will also tear the cones.

Finally you will need to give the primary winch a break every minute or so as the thermal overload built into the winch will cut out and stop the winch. The winch will have to be hand tailed as the drogue is too big to  fit into the winch jaws.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376



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Hi Bill, Jeff & Eric,


I've read Eric's posts and what I'd like to know is the exact length of the bridle leg, as it appears to me that the 2.5 times width of the attachment points, ie. 1.83m width of the attachment points by 2.5m is 4.5m.   Standing on the pontoon behind the boat at that 4.5m point, it appears that I'm pretty much colliding with the backstays.  So, what I would like to know is if I should request those bridle legs to be shorter and if so, at what length.  Of course Eric's response and suggestions would be most appreciated.




Gerhard Hoffmann

SM381, Pepino


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