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Eric Freedman

Hi John,

No offense taken.

I was just trying to say that these websites are very helpful, however sometimes they don’t hit the nail on the head.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376


Ps did you know that Popeye is also a mass murderer in Colombia having been credited with over 3000

murders- he was just released from jail after serving 22 years – time off for good behavior—

Pablo Escobar's top assassin, 'Popeye,' is out of jail and under police protection. John Jairo Velasquez has been tied to the murders of at least 3,000 people. He has admitted to killing at least 250 as the head of drug lord Pablo Escobar's terror squad.”



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Hi Eric,


I wasn't referring to your experience if that was how I sounded.


My wife and I have a reef tour business and live in an area that experiences cyclones so we are keen on following sources of weather information. We've always made our living on the sea so know something unexpected is often around the corner.


I find it fascinating though how much more information is becoming freely available so the chance of getting caught out is always getting lower. Also the accuracy can be amazing. The JTWC predicted the landfall of Cyclone Yasi (a large cat 5) several days ahead to incredible accuracy.


If you haven't looked at (its only been going for a couple of months) check out the massive cyclone that's predicted for next week near Vanuatu. Yet other forecasts including the Vanuatu meteo don't mention it yet.


A group here called ozcyclonechasers have a website that's very good. They explain the different models available (something like 20 I think) and look at where and why they disagree. That helps work out the probability of different scenarios and different users may take different actions depending upon their level of caution. It's only relevant to northern Australia but it highlights why its good to get weather info from many different sources and not rely on one as its probably just one model, or one forecasters interpretation.  


Obviously it still doesn't mean safety gear isn't needed in the belief that extreme weather can always be avoided. Just hopefully it can stay in the bag.


John, Maramu #911981 Popeye, Australia


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