Re: RACOR or Vetus dual fuel filter

Alan Leslie

Agree with others, we have the dual RACOR filter setup, the RACOR filter elements are available just about everywhere...I carry about 8 on board just in case and replenish the stock as I change them.

The other things that are important regarding diesel fuel :

a Baja filter to filter suspect fuel BEFORE putting it into your tank - the West Marine (I don't like to promote them, but) filter came out best in comparison tests.

always put diesel bug inhibitor in the tank before you refill.

in tropical areas try to keep the tank as full as possible all the time, especially if you leave the boat sitting still for any length of time, o'wise condensation occurs on the walls of the tank and goes to the bottom of the tank, eventually it will end up in your filters

Good luck !

SV Elyse SM437

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