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cunfused i am

you will need FOUR 6V batteries wired in series to produce 24V

if you have EIGHT 6V batteries then you have two sets of 4 series wired batteries wired in parallel to double the AH capacity

the only new wiring would be the series wiring as in the above example six short piecies of wire

and so on



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Eric & John,

I am intrigued by this 6 volt option. I have 12 house batteries.

. I assume that you would divide these into 4 parallel wired sets of 3
batteries with an output of 6 volts per set.

. Then I assume that you would wire 2 of these sets of 3 in series
producing 12 volts and do the same with the other 2 sets of three.

. Lastly I assume that you wire the 2 12 volt pairs in series to produce
24 volts.

I guess another option would be 3 sets of 4 wired in a series and then
connect the 3 series-wired sets parallel to produce 24 volts?

I assume that either method will require almost all new wiring? Any input
will be appreciated.


Bill Rouse
S/V Security
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